Book Review: What Comes My Way (Tracie Peterson, 2019)

Endearing story with a strong emphasis on family values and a plot that was easy to follow. I enjoyed the setting of the early 20th century with the rodeo show as the backdrop, and while I found the dialogue throughout to be unnatural, I do think the style lends itself to the time in which … Continue reading Book Review: What Comes My Way (Tracie Peterson, 2019)

Book Review: Tombstone (Tom Clavin, 2020)

The real story of Tombstone. I would think that this book would be especially attractive to fans of the Kurt Russell / Val Kilmer movie from 1993, and that movie also served to provide the visual imagery for me as I read the pages of this one. However, I was soon reminded that the movie … Continue reading Book Review: Tombstone (Tom Clavin, 2020)