Book Review: Stories That Stick (Kindra Hall, 2019)

Although this book is written primarily to business owners and entrepreneurs, I read it as an HR professional and an aspiring writer. But regardless of how you approach this book, the central idea remains: everyone is drawn to a good story. From my role in HR, I do lots of interviews on a regular basis. … Continue reading Book Review: Stories That Stick (Kindra Hall, 2019)

Book Review: Overcomer (Chris Fabry, 2019)

Books like this one make me glad I'm a reader. I wanted to check this one out simply because it features the Kendrick brothers, and I really enjoyed their previous work, Facing the Giants. This book, written by Chris Fabry but connected to the upcoming "Overcomer" movie, is a 5-star read and is similar in … Continue reading Book Review: Overcomer (Chris Fabry, 2019)