My Top Ten Favorite Movies

A good movie can be magical. Directors, producers, actors, and cinematographers that can captivate an audience for a couple of hours and take their mind completely off of their everyday lives command high incomes and deservedly so. It is a talent that few can attain: to leave movie-goers breathless or otherwise emotionally affected in some … Continue reading My Top Ten Favorite Movies

Book Review: The Butterfly Effect (Andy Andrews, 2010)

In 1982, Nick Saban was a defensive backs coach at Navy. Leadership guru John Maxwell was the pastor of a small, but growing, church in California. Barack Obama was a college student. David Beckham was a little kid. Lebron James, Scarlett Johansson, and Adele had not even been born yet. If you were alive in … Continue reading Book Review: The Butterfly Effect (Andy Andrews, 2010)